Lone Worker Safety Consultants

Your workers will thank you for hiring the right lone worker safety consultants: Here are 4 reasons why

While most blue-collar jobs involve working together with a team, there are some jobs that require someone to work on their own, often without any supervisors or other personnel nearby. These jobs are valuable, and the safety of your workers should be your first priority. Therefore, it is important to have policies and procedures in place so that lone workers feel safe on the job.

A lone worker safety consultant can help you identify and prepare for potential safety risks in the field. They are trained to implement workplace safety procedures that are designed to keep your workers safe and keep your job site compliant with regulations.

How will a lone work safety consultant help keep my workers safe?

Lone worker safety consultants are experts at understanding and assessing the risks that lone workers face. Here’s how they do it:

  1. Identifying hazards on the job — Each work site comes with its own set of hazards. Whether they are trip and fall hazards, dangerous materials, or outside threats, identifying these hazards can help your lone workers to not be caught unawares. 
  2. Education — Once workplace hazards have been identified, your lone work safety consultant can educate your workers on avoiding hazards. They should be trained on what areas they should or should not go without proper safety training or certification.
  3. Communication — Your lone work safety consultant will help you gain input from your workers about how they feel about the safety of their work site. Addressing their concerns not only keeps them safe but also builds a better working relationship.
  4. Utilizing technology — With the use of communication devices, your lone workers need not feel so alone anymore. A consultant can educate you on the use of mobile devices that can allow your workers to check in with you. Many devices can also alert you to accidents on the job.

Where can I turn for workplace safety consulting?

There are many risks and dangers that your workers can face while on the job. Basin Safety is ready and willing to help you achieve your workplace safety goals. You can trust our team of professionals to protect both your workers and your company assets while maintaining the highest standards of service.

Contact us today to learn more about our workplace safety consultation services.

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