Confined Space Training Online

Why should you consider a confined space training online course vs. an in-person course?

Confined spaces training is infinitely important for both employees and their employers. Confined space training online can prevent lawsuits and serious employee injury or death. From 2011 to 2018, 1,030 occupational workers died from injuries that involved a confined space. Through the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation, the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) evaluated many confined space fatalities. NIOSH listed the lack of confined space education as one of the leading causes of these deaths. As such, the importance of such training cannot be overstated. 

Reasons to enroll in a confined space training online course

There are many different types of confined spaces. Manholes, tanks, maintenance tunnels, silos and water wells only name a few. Each unique setting presents a unique set of hazardous conditions. The plethora of hazards present numerous possibilities for things to go astray. Your employees must arm themselves with skills that are accessible, comprehensible and reliable. A confined space training online course can provide your employees with such knowledge. Below are the unique qualities of online training:

  • Accessible — According to OSHA, oil and gas training must introduce revised or new procedures whenever necessary. Completing training online may benefit your employees. This way, they can work on their own schedule and pace. The ease of completing an online course can make it easier for them to stay on top of evolving procedures.
  • Great for knowledge absorption — About 28.6% of construction workers are Hispanic. The fatal injuries of Hispanic construction workers rose by about 90% in recent years. English may not be the first language of many of these workers. Therefore, an in-person course may present language barriers. This may prevent access to vital, life-saving information. Training online can allow your employees to review course material whenever needed. Employees of any English background can take their time to translate and take notes. In some cases, online courses may even be translated into their native language.
  • Reliable — An online course may be more reliable than any in-person course/instructor. Subject matter in an in-person course may be overlooked and/or forgotten. This is because an in-person course may be more spontaneous while an online course relies on its pre-design.

Discover Basin Safety’s OSHA-approved confined space training online 

Basin Safety offers many workplace safety programs including confined space training. In our programs, your employees can inform themselves by learning the latest procedures. It covers hands-on skills, potential confined space hazards and emergency procedures. This way, your employees can thoroughly prepare themselves for the many dangers of confined spaces. 

Contact our team today for more information about our confined space training. You can also learn about how we can help your business with a variety of field services. 

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