OSHA Confined Space Training

Why should OSHA confined spaces training be important to workers?

OSHA confined space training provides employers and employees with the knowledge to work safely in confined spaces. Confined spaces are areas that are large enough for an employee to enter and perform assigned tasks.They have limited or restricted entry or exit and are not designed for continuous occupancy.

Many industries’ workers have a critical need for OSHA confined space training, like construction, general industry, maritime, agriculture and emergency response. There are often physical and atmospheric hazards in these spaces. Workers need OSHA confined space training to recognize these dangers before they enter a confined space.

Why is it important?

Confined spaces are an OSHA hazard because they can be dangerous. Their danger is primarily due to their limited access points, which can prevent people from exiting quickly if there is a problem. 

Here are four reasons why you should take OSHA confined space training seriously as a worker:

  1. To learn about emergency preparedness — OSHA confined space training will teach you how to respond if an emergency happens while working in a confined space. Emergency preparedness may include what you should do if there is a fire or explosion or if someone gets hurt.
  2. To learn about identifying hazards — Confined space training educates people on keeping themselves safe when working in a confined space. Workers who understand the hazards will be better at avoiding them and reducing potential accidents while doing their job.
  3. To learn how to use safety equipment — You’ll learn about all the safety equipment available, when to use it and how it should be used properly.
  4. To learn about proper ventilation methods — Confined spaces are often poorly ventilated. The recirculating of bad air could be a potential hazard to workers in these spaces. That’s why you need proper ventilation for confined spaces. It ensures that workers enter with clean air to breathe and that they exit with clean air as well. Learning about these ventilation-related topics is a key part of confined spaces training. 

With proper training and preparation, taking on tasks like entering a confined space can be much safer. You can significantly reduce the risk of grave injury or even death as a worker and develop a greater understanding of OSHA guidelines. Taking this type of training is a good idea on many levels.

Where can I turn for trusted OSHA confined space training?

Basin Safety is equipped to provide your work site with tested and trusted confined space training. This includes training for confined space attendants and rescue workers. Our Confined Space Rescue course covers operations that involve the rescue and recovery of victims trapped in a confined space.

Our workplace safety programs are compliant with OSHA standards and industry standards. They are designed to ensure the safety of employees entering a confined space or any other hazardous work environment. 

Contact us today at Basin Safety for more information on our work site and safety training programs and equipment services.

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