Electrical Safety Training

Why is electrical safety training vital for your workers?

It’s common to think of work injuries caused by lifting heavy items, overexertion or being cut with a sharp object. These are real dangers in the workplace, but other threats can be just as deadly, like electrical injuries. Companies need to train their employees about electrical safety to combat some of these risks. 

For an electrical safety program to be effective, it must teach workers how to identify and prevent electrical injury hazards and provide them with continuing education. It’s essential to offer this ongoing instruction so your employees can keep up to date on any changes (like new safety regulations regarding electricity use).

Who needs electrical safety training? 

Many types of workers should have electrical safety training, but here we will cover three:

  • Electricians — Electricians are the obvious choice. Electricians in the construction industry often work with high voltages. They need to know how to use tools and equipment safely. They also need to be trained on how to stay safe while they’re working on electrical systems.
  • Maintenance technicians —Electrical safety training should also be mandatory for maintenance personnel in facilities with electrical systems. As well as working with electricity directly, these workers deal with computers or other electronics that require electricity. Once again, a little bit of training can go a long way toward keeping them safe on the job.
  • Supervisors —All supervisors who have employees who work with electricity should be trained in electrical safety. If something goes wrong, it’s the supervisor’s responsibility to determine what went wrong and what to do about it. 

Why is electrical safety training needed?

In order to keep your workplace safe, all staff should receive electrical safety training. This helps to reduce the number of accidents that occur that are caused by mishandling electrical equipment.

Here are three reasons why your business needs electrical safety training:

  1. For avoiding electrical hazards — An example of a hazard would be an “arc flash.” An arc flash occurs when a worker works on an energized circuit containing conductors at high voltage, resulting in a massive electrical explosion that releases thermal energy in light and heat. The resulting flash can result in severe injury and even death if proper safety precautions are not taken.
  2. For training new employees — This training may also prevent accidents due to a lack of knowledge about their surroundings and equipment used in their work environment. Your employees should know how to react if an electrical accident occurs. They should be aware of the effects of electricity on the human body as well as any damage caused by fire or explosion.
  3. Because it’s the law —In many states and municipalities, it is required that certain employees spend some time doing electrical safety training on an annual basis. Companies can avoid fines for noncompliance with applicable laws by ensuring that such training is provided. In addition, employees should be provided with training to comply with OSHA regulations regarding safe work practices around electricity.

It is vital that workers be properly trained on electrical safety measures. Training will help workers learn how to work safely with electrical equipment and how to prevent injury. It will also help them learn about the risk of electrical accidents and how to report dangerous conditions. By implementing an electrical training program, you can reduce the risks of electrical accidents in your workplace, improve worker safety and avoid financial loss.

Where can I turn for trusted electrical safety training?

Basin Safety is equipped to provide your work site with tested and trusted electrical safety training. Our Electrical Safety training course covers the real dangers in the workplace when electricity is involved, and how to avoid hazardous accidents. Our workplace safety programs are compliant with OSHA standards and industry standards. They are designed to ensure the safety of employees working specifically with electrical protocols. 

Contact us today at Basin Safety for more information on our work site and safety training programs and equipment services.

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