Lone Worker Monitoring

What is lone worker monitoring and is it a requirement?

There are an estimated 53 million lone workers in the United States, Canada and Europe combined. Lone workers are employees who work by themselves. These workers do not have direct supervision. Lone workers in heavy industry are exposed to a unique set of hazards because they deal with heavy equipment and machinery without supervision. It is extra important for lone workers to ensure their own safety at all times. The safety of these types of workers can be supplemented by consistent monitoring. That way, in the event of an emergency, access to help or medical services is available.

What is lone worker monitoring?

Lone worker monitoring is broadly defined as the practice of monitoring employees working without supervision, so that they may avoid situations where emergency assistance is required but unavailable. Employee monitoring solutions can include devices, smartphone apps, check-in systems on phone receivers, and buddy systems.

3 reasons lone worker monitoring is a requirement for heavy industry companies

Lone worker monitoring is an important requirement for most heavy industry companies including construction, oil, gas, etc. Read the list below to learn more about some of these reasons.

  • Safety — Monitoring is most important for the safety of employees. With monitoring practices in place, your employees are less likely to be affected by workplace injuries or hazards. 
  • Responsibility — Monitoring practices are useful not only for enhancing safety but also for ensuring the accountability and honesty of your workers. 
  • Management — Monitoring can be useful in industries where progress needs to be tracked and movement between job sites is necessary.

Basin Safety can help ensure that your workers are properly monitored during work operations 

Basin Safety could be a great fit for your business if you’re looking for professional assistance in mitigating injury liability and addressing employee safety. We specifically offer trainings, field services, and products so that your employees can be prepared to handle a work environment in heavy industry. We’re committed to helping companies build a list of their own safety goals and helping them achieve those goals. We also believe in the power of safety metrics, providing adaptive training, promoting safety culture, and supporting our customers’ vision.

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