Lone Worker Safety Devices

The top 5 safety devices that every construction sector lone worker should have

Construction sector lone workers (CSLWs) are those who complete tasks without a team and operate large vehicles or heavy machinery or equipment. These kinds of workers complete work tasks with little to no oversight from a superior.

The use of safety devices is a necessity for these types of workers, especially because there is little to no supervision. Taking the steps to ensure that your CSLWs remain safe on the job means that your employees are less likely to face serious injury or death. For a company, this means that your company is better protected from liability cases.

These are some of the top safety devices that construction sector lone workers need access to on the job

  • Communication devices — Communication devices are essential for lone workers while on the job.  OSHA standards stipulate that employers provide their employees with a power-assisted means of voice communication in work areas.
  • Respiratory protection — An employer must provide self-rescuers approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Respirators must be immediately available to all employees at work in underground areas where they could be trapped by smoke or gas.
  • Fall protection — Protection gear, like harnesses, are important safety devices for employers to provide for their lone workers. These precautions could help prevent injury or death from any falls and slips.
  • Hand, eye, ear, and headgear — Safety devices such as earplugs or earmuffs, safety glasses or goggles, gloves, and hard hats are essential for construction sector lone workers. 
  • Gas detection devices — Gas detection devices warn workers of hazardous gases in the workspace. They also include features like calibration, bump testing, sensor replacement and warranty work.

Basin Safety can help ensure that your construction sector lone workers have the right safety devices for work

Basin Safety offers a variety of trainings, field services and products, including safety devices for your business needs. If you’re a company that frequently employs CSLWs, consider browsing through our list of products for your employees. We’re committed to helping companies grow their safety goals and helping them achieve those goals. We also believe in the power of safety metrics, providing adaptive training, promoting safety culture and providing highly accessible data.

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