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Equipment Rental

Basin Safety provides the widest range of rental equipment in the Bakken. Our team engineers solutions to fit your custom needs and ensures you have the right equipment for whatever the application. We have rent to purchase agreements if you are unsure of how long a rental is needed and provide discounts for weekly and monthly rentals.

Available 24/7- Daily | Weekly | Monthly | Contract Rentals

On-Site Safety Equipment

Breathing Air Trailers

Our breathing air & rescue trailers are state-of-the-art, combining technology and the highest quality equipment in the industry. Our standard unit includes: 

  • 2- 30-minute SCBAs
  • 4- 5-minute packs
  • Manifold
  • 400-500 feet of hose
  • Trailer
  • Windsock and signage 
  • 4 Gas Monitor w/ pump (upon request)
  • Detector tubes + pump (upon request)
  • Stretcher or Stokes Basket
  • First Aid Kit
  • Eye Wash Station
  • Harness (for Derrick Rescue)
  • Fit Testing Kit (upon request)
  • Current Air Quality Assessment Report (independent laboratory)


We provide a wide range of SCBAs for rental. Scott 30 and 5 minute packs with AV 2000/3000, MAS’s, and 3M models as well. Whether you need 1 or 50 we can help equip your team.

SCBA Masks

We provide a wide range of Masks for rental.AV 2000/3000, MAS’s, and 3M of all sizes.

Confined Space Rescue Packages


Rescue Winches

Fall Protection Equipment


Shower Trailers

Audible Alarms

Lockout / Tagout Equipment

Gas Detection

Remote Gas Detection Monitoring Systems (Drilling / Workover)

RAE FMC 2000 / Touchpoint


Gas Clip

MSA Altairs

PID (5 Gas / VOC Detectors)

BTEX Monitoring Badges

4 Gas Monitors w/Pump

Summa Canisters and Valves

Trailer Rentals

Gate Guard Trailers

Dump Trailers


Construction / Road Signage

DOT Flagging Equipment & Barriers

Safety Signage

Emergency Service Equipment

Spill Response Equipment

Rescue Lines / Systems

Xtirpa Excavation Rescue Systems

Confined Space Rescue Equipment