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Basin Safety knows we can’t do it alone. We still want to provide a one-call solution for all of your safety, health, and environmental needs. We’ve teamed up with different companies that provide a plethora of services, all with one vision: to provide excellence service to you, our valued customer.

Norm / tenorm services

Radium measurement


  • High purity germanium (HPGe) detector provides fast and accurate measurement of Ra-226 by quantifying a specific Ra-226 low-energy peak.
  • Low-cost measurements using low-resolution Sodium Iodide (NaI) are not useful alone because the signal is lost in the noise. The TENspec™ system can provide information allowing NaI measurements to achieve quality objectives.
  • Baseline technology requires 4-week delay for ingrowth, whereas this technology has no requirement for ingrowth.
  • Count times as fast as 5-minutes for red/green go/no-go decisions. Count times of 30 to 40 minutes for quantitative determination of low activity material.
  • Measurement of Ra-228 is determined from a higher energy peak of a daughter product assuming the two are in equilibrium

RSO Services

We offer in-house Radiation Safety Officers for your project or facility.  

  • Employee Training
  • Exposure Monitoring and Analysis
  • Testing / Reporting
  • Project Management

Health Services

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Our professional partners at Preble Medical Services provide prompt and reliable drug and alcohol testing services. They have been helping individuals, businesses, law enforcement, and other agencies and organizations with their drug and alcohol testing and screening needs since 1995.  

  • Pre-employment testing 
  • Post-accident testing 
  • Reasonable suspicion or cause cases 
  • Random testing 
  • Return to duty testing 
  • Follow-up drug and alcohol testing 
  • Personal and youth testing 
  • Hair testing 
  • QuickTests                                     
  • Collections 

Consortium Management

Preble Services also offers an alternative to DISA, a competitor consortium group. They can effectively and compliantly manage your workforce’ drug testing and reporting requirements simply, in one place.  

TPA Services

Third Party Administrator compliance can be difficult and time consuming. We simplify the process by providing  

Background Checks

Our partner Preble also offers background checks on potential hires. You can depend on Preble Medical Services to help you protect your company or agency. They have performed background checks for businesses and government offices across North Dakota. They can meet your specific needs to ensure you choose the best candidate for your open position. 

Preble’s Background Check Packages 

  • City Police Checks 
  • National Sex Offender Registry checks 
  • Criminal Record Search 
  • DOT Employment Verification 

Preble’s “Customize Your Background Check” Package 

  • Employment Verification 
  • Educational Verification 
  • Professional Licensure verification 
  • Driving Record and Licensure Check 
  • Credit Checks 

DNA Testing

Convenient DNA Tests for Legal Cases and Individuals 

For dependable DNA and genetic testing with fast results, Preble Medical Services Inc has a variety of testing services to help you. We are adept at providing DNA paternity testing in legal cases to prove or disprove parentage disputes in divorces, child support, or other cases. We use AABB accredited lab! 

Various types of DNA testing 

  • Women seeking paternity verification 
  • Adoption  
  • Immigration 
  • Establishing Native American tribal rights 
  • Lineage Testing 
  • Avuncular testing (child, aunt, uncle, etc.) 
  • Siblingship testing 

Pathogen (COVID/FLU) Testing

Our partner Preble also provides flu and COVID testing. While many people have chosen vaccination, a large number of person’s are projected to not receive the treatment. Our partner can test you or your personnel and verify if their illness is COVID or the flu, immediately. 

Medical Review Officers (MRO)

Our team offers MRO services on a subscription basis, minimizing the cost and complication of having one on staff. We oversee your Drug / Alcohol / Medical program and make sure all requirements are met and your team is in compliance 

Occupational Physicians

We are not doctors, but our partners are. We’ve partnered with multiple occupational physicians to simplify incident / accident triage. In addition to X-rays and other post-accident reviews, they ensure that your personnel are fit-for-duty and ready to perform work without fear of unexpected injury due to medical conditions.


Veriforce™ Training

Our team is certified to perform all Veriforce required training including: 

Veriforce Safeland 

Veriforce Pipeline

Veriforce Operator Qualifications 

Veriforce Supervisor Training  

National Safety Council Trainings

CPR / First Aid 

Defensive Driver Training (DDC-4)

OSHA Trainings

Basin Safety provides a variety of OSHA specific training 


OSHA 10 Hour 

OSHA 30 Hour 

PRCS Training 
New Hire Training 

HSI Training

We partner with HSI as a national training center. Their combination of
technology and content solutions help safety, human resources and operations
leaders train and develop their workforce, keep workers safe and meet regulatory
and operational compliance requirements.


We offer a variety of safety equipment and gear for purchase or rental. Click here  to visit our online store and here for rental information.

Field / Construction Services

Pot Holing

Our partners are experts at excavation. They can assist with pot holing for civil, pipeline, or facility construction activities. Their hydro excavation capabilities are next-to-none and can respond on a 24/7 basis.  

Spill Response

Our partners can provide a variety of spill response services.  

They offer 24-hour emergency spill response 365 days of the year and have successfully carried out hundreds of spill responses.. They are recognized within the industry for responding to release scenarios of all sizes, including some of the largest and most complex within North America, managed under the Incident Command System. Highly trained and experienced personnel, combined with their response vessels and equipment staged throughout North America, allows us to complete initial containment and recovery through to final reclamation on any release in a terrestrial and/or aquatic environment. A select list of equipment is as follows: 

  • Creek Boom 
  • River Boom 
  • Lake Boom 
  • Turner Valley Gates 
  • Watergates 
  • Spill Response Trailers 
  • Winter Response Trailers 
  • Wildlife Trailers 
  • Oleophilic Drum Skimmers 
  • Pedco Skimmers 
  • Jet Boats 
  • Air Boats 
  • Low Impact Portable Vacuum Units 

Ensuring minimal risk when considering a major purchase is paramount. Our partners are capable of testing soil, air, and work areas of your potential assets