Confined Space Training Online

Is online confined space training the best option for your workers?

Working in confined spaces is often dangerous. Workers in confined spaces are exposed to hazards that workers in other areas don’t often face. Exposure to harmful substances, fall risks, and risk of asphyxiation are just a few of the risks that come with working in a confined space such as a silo, maintenance hole, tunnel or pipeline. 

That is why confined space workers need proper training and experience before they set foot in a confined workspace. Advances in technology and workplace safety have allowed many training courses to become available online. This includes confined space training. But is online confined space training really the best option for your workers?

What are some of the pros and cons of online confined space training?

Obviously, one of the main benefits of online confined space training is that your workers can access it from anywhere. They can complete their training off-site, or even from the convenience of their home. Workers who complete online confined space training also don’t have to put themselves at risk of being exposed to disease during a pandemic.

However, online training may not prepare workers to use some of the equipment required for confined space work. Hands-on training when using equipment is very important to ensure workplace safety. The presence of an instructor is also valuable to many workers who may have questions or concerns during their training.

What should an online confined space training program include?

The objectives of any online confined space training course should include:

  • Identifying the differences between confined spaces and confined permit spaces.
  • Selecting the appropriate protection equipment for confined space work.
  • Identifying the hazards associated with confined space work.
  • Building an understanding of confined space emergency protocols.
  • Obtaining knowledge of OSHA standards and procedures for confined spaces.

Where can I turn for confined space training that I can trust?

Let Basin Safety be your trusted partner in making confined space safety a priority in your workplace. Our Confined Space Training program is compliant with all federal and local regulations. We cover skills including personal protective equipment, emergency protocols and rescue, risk assessment, and atmospheric testing. We make sure our trainees can protect themselves from the hazards of working in confined spaces.

Contact Basin Safety today for more information on our confined space training program, as well as our many other workplace safety programs and services.

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