How often is fire extinguisher training required

How often is fire extinguisher training required?

In heavy industry facilities, fires can be especially dangerous. According to research, around 37,900 fires occur at industrial or manufacturing properties each year. These fires can be especially detrimental, resulting in civilian deaths, civilian injuries, and property or structure damage. In the event that a fire occurs at your heavy industry facility, it is crucial that your employees have the proper fire extinguisher training (FET) and that their training is on a regular basis. If you’re an employer in heavy industry, you should know how often fire extinguisher training is required. 

Some of the OSHA standards for FET frequency

OSHA has a list of standards for how often fire extinguishing training is required. Read the list below to learn about a couple of these standards.

  1. 1910.157(g)(1) — If an employer provides portable fire extinguishers in the workplace for employee use, they should also provide education and training for employees on how the fire extinguishers should be properly handled in the event of an emergency.
  2. 1910.157(g)(2) —Employers must provide fire extinguisher education and training at the onset of new employment and every year during the new hire’s employment thereafter.

Fire extinguisher types that employees may need training on

  • Soda acid extinguisher — This type of extinguisher can be used to put out fires on burning wood, paper, cloth and some plastics.
  • Foam extinguisher — This type of extinguisher is suitable for solids on fire like wood. It’s also suitable for liquids on fire like petrol. 
  • Dry powder extinguisher — The dry powder extinguisher is used for fires involving electricity, flammable liquids or solid combustibles.

Basin Safety can help ensure that your workers receive the right amount of fire extinguisher training 

Not sure how often fire extinguisher training is required? We can help.Basin Safety could be a great fit for your business if you’re looking for professional assistance in mitigating risk of injury liability and addressing employee safety. We specifically offer fire extinguisher training, fire safety field services, and a variety of fire extinguishing products so that your employees can be OSHA compliant and prepared to handle a work environment in heavy industry. We’re committed to helping companies build a list of their own safety goals and helping them achieve those goals. We also believe in the power of safety metrics, providing adaptive training, promoting safety culture and supporting our customers’ vision.

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