Confined Space Safety

How can you boost confined space safety for your workers?

Working in confined spaces can be very hazardous work. Confined spaces typically include spaces like maintenance holes, tunnels, silos, pits and pipelines. While these spaces are large enough to permit entry and work to be done, they are not designed to be occupied for long and have limited means of exiting and entering. 

Due to the hazards involved with working a confined space, only properly trained field personnel should be allowed into a confined workspace. Thankfully, there are several steps an employer can take to ensure confined space safety for their employees.

What are the best ways to ensure confined space safety?

Here are some of the best ways you can prepare your employees for work in confined spaces:

  • Assign responsibilities — Each person entering or working near a confined space should have a role to play in ensuring workplace safety. Assign a worker to act as a confined space attendant. Their role is to ensure that no one enters the space without proper permission, as well as watching out for changes to the environment. They are also responsible for seeking help in the event of an emergency.
  • Perform a risk assessment — A qualified person should assess the confined space before any work is done. They should identify and make note of any hazards that may pose a threat to worker safety.
  • Post written warnings and procedures — After all hazards have been noted, a written notice of all the potential dangers should be posted at the work site. The proper procedures should also be posted in a place where all workers can see them.
  • Provide personal protective equipment (PPE) — Adequate PPE is vital to confined space safety and compliance. Workers should have access to and be instructed on how to use all protective equipment that they need for the hazards of the confined space.

Where can I turn to help me ensure confined space safety?

Let Basin Safety be your trusted partner in ensuring confined space safety in your workplace. We offer a number of services designed to keep your workplace safe and compliant with OSHA and industrial standards:

  • Field services — We offer many field services, including on-site supervision, breathing air systems management, testing and environmental services.
  • Health and safety programs — Our workplace health and safety programs are designed to train your workers in all matters of workplace safety and procedure.
  • Consulting — Our health, safety and environment leaders have extensive field knowledge that will help you oversee your projects from start to completion.

Contact us today for more information on the services we offer and how we can help you meet your workplace safety goals.

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