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Extinguisher Services

Fire Safety ServicesBasin Safety is equipped to service your fire extinguishers and systems 24/7. We are mobile, stocked, and ready to go

Extinguisher Services

Annual Inspections

Portable Fire Extinguishers are a vital component of your company’s life safety plan. It is required that all extinguishers are fully functional, tested, and ready to operate at all times. Our team can help you ensure that your fire extinguishers are certified in accordance with NFPA 10, OSHA, and local fire regulations.

Five (5) Year Maintenance and Internal Corrosion Inspection

Early detection of internal corrosion is important to the success of a sprinkler system and often overlooked. By completing the proper 5-year inspection, test and maintenance we’re able to identify and fix issues that lead to failure. These issues often stem from the presence of pipe destruction and possible “mic” (microbiological influenced corrosion).

Six (6) Year Maintenance

Extinguishers are required to be serviced and internal components inspected every six (6) years. We fully disassemble the extinguisher, inspect the internal components, install new seals, and fill the extinguisher with new media.

Hydro Testing / Recharge

Basin Safety is equipped to hydrotest the extinguisher cylinder to ensure it is designed to hold & maintain the required pressure. We can also recharge your extinguishers at our facilities in Williston and Dickinson or on-site where you’re working.

Repair / Part Replacement

If your equipment is bent, damaged, or corroded we can fix it. Rather than replacing an entire extinguisher, let us add value by saving you money on your extinguisher.

Fire Extinguisher Types

We are capable of servicing all Fire Extinguisher types

Suppression Systems

Sprinkler Head Service

Our team is equipped to service fixed fire suppression systems. If a sprinkler has failed, been damaged, or needs replacement we can help. We have quick turn around and pressure test your system to ensure that it was adequately installed.

Maintenance & Repair

If your equipment is damaged, expired or corroded we can help. Our team has quick turnaround and can come to your facility to inspect and replace any equipment that needs maintenance including; pipe stands, brackets, sprinkler heads, alarm controllers, or connections and fittings

5 Year Internal Inspections

According to NFPA, fixed suppression systems must be inspected for corrosion and failure every 5 years. We make this process quick, easy and affordable. We provide a full accounting of all parts and components, as well as condition and repair requirements.

Standpipe Inspections and Hydrotesting

Standpipes are required to be inspected per NFPA Code. Our team can inspect and hydrotest your systems the same day. We ensure that all fittings, connections, and seals are up to code and can manage required pressure.

Hydrant Flow Testing

Our team verifies that the pressure and flow from installed hydrants meets specifications for the pipe size and system size operated by your facility. Our team incorporates this into our standard inspection procedures.

Alarm Systems

24/7 Monitoring Support

Our team is here 24/7. When a fire or security alarm trips, time is of the essence. We manage an on-call center that shares your fire data with fire departments and dispatch our team to test and inspect your equipment. This data becomes extremely vital in the event of a loss. We are meticulous about data.

On Call System Support

When / if a system trips, our team receives a notification and dispatches to the scene immediately. We work with local fire departments to ensure they get the call immediately and get to your facility as soon as possible.

Fire Alarm Inspection

Basin Safety can inspect and maintain your fire alarms to ensure that they are working properly. A failed alarm in the event of a fire can result in complications during the claims process. We ensure that your company’s systems is compliant and has proper documentation of inspection and operation.

Fire Detector Testing

Our team can test, inspect, and calibrate your fire detection systems to ensure they are working properly. We record and document all services with specific information so you can rest easy that your equipment is functioning properly.

Emergency Light Testing

Along with our other inspections, we test your emergency lighting to ensure it meets all applicable OSHA, ANSI, and API standards.


InspectionsWith over 25 years of experience providing on site consulting and inspections to industries across the globe you can trust our team of dedicated professionals to provide you with high quality inspections of your sites. Basin uses a combination of experience and the cutting edge technology to ensure your workers and facilities are always safe and within compliance.

Facility Inspections

Basin Safety inspects and ensures your facility is within compliance. We verify fire safety precautions are taken, safety equipment is in place, materials storage is in proper condition, and walking working surfaces are adequate.
•Shop Inspections
• Yard Inspections
• Lease Inspections
• Midstream Facility Inspections
• Gas Plant Inspections
• Drilling Rig Inspections
• Workover Rig Inspections
• Equipment Inspections
• Excavation Inspections
• Scaffold Inspections