Environmental Compliance

Does your oilfield meet the EPA’s environmental compliance standards?

The Environmental Protection Agency was founded in 1970 in response to a heightened concern about the negative effects of pollution. Since then, the oil industry has made great strides in its efforts to reduce the environmental impact of the drilling, refining and transportation processes of petroleum. The standards of compliance set forth by the EPA are designed to protect not only the environment but also our communities and our health from the potential dangers of pollution.

The production and refinement of oil can be environmentally damaging when not done with care. Contamination of air, water and soil can result from the oil industry, as can human exposure to hazardous materials. Following the EPA’s environmental compliance standards while operating your oilfield is the best way to avoid these dangers. But how do you know if your company is in compliance?

How can I make sure that my oilfield is environmentally compliant?

The EPA has specific guidelines for the extraction of oil and natural gas. Regular inspections are necessary to make sure that both onshore and offshore oilfields operate under these guidelines. If you want to make sure that your oilfield is compliant, there are a few major things that should be on your checklist:

  • Is your oilfield following proper waste handling, storage and disposal guidelines?
  • Are you testing your wastewater daily for the presence of hazardous materials such as hydrogen sulfide and benzene?
  • Is your equipment being inspected regularly?
  • Does your oilfield have a spill prevention and countermeasure plan in place?
  • Is your wastewater being contained and prevented from discharge?

How can Basin Safety help my oilfield stay environmentally compliant?

Basin Safety is an all-in-one, comprehensive workplace safety and compliance company that has years of experience working with the oil and natural gas industries. Our training, consultation, and compliance services run the gamut of services that your oilfield needs to stay compliant with all federal and local environmental regulations.

Our field services supply you with the trained and qualified personnel as well as the cutting-edge equipment and monitoring technology that can keep your workplace compliant. With on-site hydrogen sulfide and benzene testing, breathing air systems, facility inspections, and industrial hygiene testing, our teams will work alongside and educate yours to keep your operations running safely and effectively. 

We also offer on-site training programs that are compliant with all OSHA and local regulations. Oilfield safety, confined space entry and rescue, and hazardous waste management are just a few of the comprehensive training programs that we offer.

Contact Basin Safety today for more information on how we have helped companies in a wide array of industries stay safe, efficient and compliant.

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