Confined Space Entry

Do you need special training before you can do a confined space entry?

OSHA defines a confined space as one that is large enough for someone to enter and perform assigned work, but that has limited means of entry and exit. Storage bins, maintenance holes and tunnels, silos, and tanks are all examples of confined spaces that a worker might need to enter. 

What are some of the dangers of working in a confined space?

While work in confined spaces is necessary at times, it is often very dangerous. That is why many confined workspaces require a special permit to enter. Confined spaces are different from other working environments. Confined spaces are not usually built for continuous occupation. 

Falling from ladders or other equipment, exposure to harmful substances, and entrapment are all possible risks that confined space workers face.

What kinds of training do workers need for confined space entry?

Workers who have not gone through confined space training may not observe the proper protocols during work or an emergency. This could result in injury or death. A good confined space training program should provide knowledge that can mitigate these risks by helping workers:

  • Develop an understanding of OSHA confined space entry standards.
  • Identify a confined space and know the difference between a confined space and a permit-required confined space.
  • Learn the roles and responsibilities of confined space entrants, supervisors, attendants and contractors.
  • Identify potential hazards in a confined workspace.
  • Know what protocols to follow in an emergency or rescue situation that may require confined space entry.
  • Develop the ability to identify and properly use personal protective equipment.

Where can I find a trusted confined space entry training program for my workers?

If you are looking for a comprehensive confined space entry program for yourself or your employees, look no further than Basin Safety. This program, like all our training programs, is compliant with all federal and local guidelines and OSHA standards.

Our program covers the use of personal protective equipment, in addition to hazard and risk assessment. Confined space workers, supervisors and attendants can all benefit from our program. 

Contact Basin Safety today for more information on our confined space entry training, as well as our other consultation, field services and equipment services.

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