Our story

Basin Safety Mission

Our mission is to achieve excellence by pioneering simpler safety strategies.

Basin Safety Vision

Our vision is to support our customer’s safety goals by adding value to their resources, skills and training.

Basin Safety Core Values


Pioneering Excellence Everyday


Supporting our Team to Put Customers First

Excellent Results

Asking the right Questions in Order to Deliver Exellent Results

Basin Safety Goals


Incorporate more effective safety metrics into
our industries.

Adaptive Training

Provide and deliver adaptive training that evolves
with the workforce.

safety culture

Inspire dialogue between operations and management teams regarding their safety culture.

customer’s vision

Support our customer’s vision of everyone going home, everyday


Basin Safety Story

Basin Safety began in Jon Greiner’s home in 2012. Initially a training firm, we asked questions about our customer’s needs and pioneered consulting, service, and environmental divisions. We cut our teeth as operator representatives and grew into the service industry with a passion for building integrated safety programs that are more effective, simple, and tangible.. Today, we have expanded to two locations, global supply chain support, and work tirelessly to build better safety programs and solutions for customers across multiple industries.

Jonathon Greiner’s Story

Jonathon is a fourth generation oilfield worker who in his formative years was an army transplant stationed wherever duty called his father, James. He completed his primary education in North Dakota alongside his two sisters and brothers. He studied at Williston State College, Global Frontier Missions in Mexico, Minot State University and Thammasat University in North Dakota and Thailand earning a B.A. in Sociology from Minot State University. After completing college, he ventured into oil & gas as a safety trainer. Realizing the need for accountability and partnership in the field, he launched his consulting and service divisions, providing turn-key safety solutions to oil & gas operators and service companies in North Dakota.
Jonathon believes in the value of his people, knowing that supporting his team will bring glory to God and a better structure for adding value to his customers.



22+ Projects Done


Zenergy HSE Program Management

Our first client, Zenergy INC headquartered in Tulsa, OK partnered with Basin Safety to manage their corporate HSE program overseeing drilling, completions, well service, production operations and contractor/incident management. We provided breathing air services and H2S testing and air trailers for tank cleanouts and workover services as well as a safety manual and safety training.

Frac Operator Training Program [Safe-O]

Safe-OPS began with a need for quality control within Oasis Well Services operations. Their start-up had a myriad of needs including job competency, consistency and training. Basin was hired to develop a system that met their needs within an expedited timeline. We successfully completed the training course and assisted them in reducing costs and improving productivity by applying leadership and management programs alongside quality training and skills verification.


Lease Operator Training Program [Safe-P]

Safe-O[ps] was developed in 2015 to educate lease operators on safe procedures and operations. This 40-hour course was built alongside Oasis’ operations personnel and is still being delivered by TrainND NorthWest for all new and existing lease operators.


Triangle / AES / Chaznline / TTK Team Based Performance Program

Our Team Based Safety (TBS) approach turns behavior based safety data collection methods upside down. We changed the model from individual reporting to team based reviews. This gives everyone an opportunity to look back and coach newer employees on what went well, what can be improved, and who on their team is leading the way.


Kraken Oil & Gas Expansion

We manage the QHSE program for Houston based Kraken Oil & Gas, comprehensively. We are responsible for Corporate HSE guidance, contractor management strategies, field services, and site inspections. Our team oversees internal trainings, equipment inspections and service, as well as emergency response and incident management services.


Aurora Wind Farm

Our customer was hired to install 180 wind turbines and electrical infrastructure to provide 345KV power to the local grid. Our team assisted with overseeing the civil and construction phases of the project and remain on the operations team for stand-by rescue, crane mobilization, and providing consultation and training. Our TRIR on the project was 0.0.


Crestwood Arrow Compressor Station

We were hired to oversee the quality assurance of all welding and construction operations for the RJT facility. We assisted in permitting, design strategies, inspection, scaffolding and QHSE responsibilities from the inception to production turnover phase of the project. Our TRIR on the project was 0.0.


Oneok RJT Facility

Our customer was responsible for turn-key completions of the Oneok RJT facility in West Central Williams County. Our team oversaw the construction and site control systems for the life of the project. It was completed on-time with a TRIR of 0.0.