Confined Space Attendant

7 duties a confined space attendant needs to be prepared for

If you’re considering taking on the role of a confined space attendant (CSA), there are a few things you should be sure to know before making your decision. A CSA is an employee who monitors the entryway of a confined space while another employee is within the confined space. The CSA ensures that no one unauthorized enters the space and that the employees inside remain as safe as possible. In cases of emergency, the CSA alerts employees in the confined space of danger and retrieves emergency services if necessary.

CSAs are vital for industrial work because they provide expert risk analysis, training, equipment familiarization and refreshers, and man-down drills. They assist operation teams in ensuring that risks are mitigated, provide hydrogen sulfide analysis, and work alongside your team. They are available 24/7 and can respond to an emergency requiring supervision at any time. CSAs have many duties that they’re expected to perform under OSHA guidelines.

What are some of the duties a confined space attendant must be prepared to perform?

  • Stand watch — Remain outside the permit space during entry operations unless relieved by another authorized attendant.
  • Retrieve rescue — Perform non-entry rescues when specified by the employer’s rescue procedure.
  • Know the hazards — Be aware of existing and potential hazards. This includes information on exposure, signs or symptoms, consequences, and physiological effects.
  • Account for workers — Maintain communication with and keep an accurate account of workers who enter the permit space.
  • Ensure evacuation if necessary — Order evacuation of the space when a significant danger or prohibited condition exists.
  • Retrieve rescue or emergency services — In the event of an emergency, call for rescue services to the area.
  • Keep unauthorized persons out — Ensure that unauthorized people stay away from work areas. In some cases, a CSA must make sure that the unauthorized individual exits the workspace. A CSA is also responsible for informing authorized workers of unauthorized entry.

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