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5 types of training that in-demand construction equipment operators have done

Construction equipment operators (CEOPs) move materials, earth and other heavy materials. They operate equipment that clears and grades land to prepare for constructing roads. They also operate the equipment needed to construct bridges, buildings, runways, power generation facilities, dams, levees and other structures. 

CEOPs are highly sought after by many construction companies. This is especially true when they have completed the training to operate a wide variety of construction equipment.

5 types of training a construction equipment operator should undergo to improve their hireability

A construction equipment operator who can run one piece of equipment is valuable to a construction company. However, operators who can run multiple types of equipment are even more valuable and likely to get plum positions. 

Here are five types of equipment training a CEOP should pursue if they want to boost their chances of being hired:

  1. Safety training — Safety training is designed to help construction equipment operators avoid injury to themselves and others while using heavy machinery. Proper clothing, personal protective equipment, preoperational inspections and lifting techniques are typically covered during this type of training. Safety training can also include how to operate specific construction equipment, such as bulldozers.
  2. Manufacturer-specific training — Manufacturers may offer specific training on using their specific makes and models of construction equipment. CEOPs who have participated in this type of training may have a higher chance of being hired. However, you’ll want to look into the types of equipment your prospective employer operates before deciding which manufacturer-specific training courses are best suited for you. 
  3. Excavator training — Excavators are used for digging and moving large volumes of material, in a wide range of construction projects. Thus, operating an excavator is an excellent skill set for any CEOP to have. 
  4. Crane operator training — Cranes are used to lift a variety of heavy and cumbersome materials on most construction sites. This makes CEOPs who can operate various types of cranes very valuable to construction firms. 
  5. Trailer towing training — Construction equipment like excavators, skid steers and bulldozers must often be moved from one location to another. Trailers are used to accomplish these movements. However, special training is recommended to ensure the safe towing of trailers holding construction equipment. CEOPs who are looking to put themselves above their competition should consider improving this skill by taking some trailer towing training.  

Find top construction equipment operator training programs at Basin Safety

Our Basin Safety team offers many types of training for current and prospective construction equipment operators. Our training programs are designed and conducted by industry-leading trainers. Some of the types of training we can help you get include: 

  • Aerial lift operations training.
  • Forklift operator training.
  • Skid steer operator training. 
  • Excavator operator training.
  • Crane operator training. 
  • Trailer towing operations training.

Contact us today to learn more about these and other types of equipment operator training we offer.

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