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5 points your workers should cover during their PPE training

The primary purpose behind personal protective equipment (PPE) is to protect oneself from injury or harm. Most PPE is designed to protect the wearer from falling objects and flying objects and prevent a person from slipping or falling.

For those unfamiliar with PPE training, it’s vital that employees at all levels of a company understand what it can offer. As the name suggests, this kind of training is all about ensuring that employees, who may be exposed to hazards in the workplace, have the proper PPE to keep them safe on the job. But there are other important aspects of this type of training as well.

What should be covered in PPE training?

Training ensures that workers are familiar with the equipment they are using and also lets them know exactly what types of hazards they need to look out for. It can be extremely useful in protecting both the workers themselves as well as their employers. Here are five key areas your training should cover:

  1. The potential hazards — PPE training should explain the nature of the risks in specific work environments and why PPE is needed in these environments.
  2. Working with the PPE — It’s crucial that PPE training includes how the equipment works and how to put it on properly. Courses should also discuss when to use PPE and how to remove it safely.
  3. How to inspect and maintain PPE — Reusable PPE will require some maintenance. That’s why PPE training should cover checking equipment for damage, fit and cleanliness. It should also review specific cleaning procedures for different types of PPE.
  4. How to report problems or PPE failure — Unfortunately, PPE is not without flaws, or the ability to fail. Thus, effective training should cover how to report defects, so the equipment can be investigated and fixed or replaced.
  5. What happens if there is a failure — Workers in PPE training should know what to do if their PPE fails or malfunctions during a hazardous situation. 

PPE training is all about preparation. Preparation for the dangers of your workers’ daily tasks and the protection of your employees and other workers on your premises. You need to ensure that everyone understands what is at stake and how they can be protected. Your workers also need to understand their own responsibilities when it comes to PPE. It’s all about protecting you, your workers and the business. 

Where can I turn for trusted PPE training for my workers?

Basin Safety is equipped to provide your work site with tested and trusted work PPE training. Our Personal Protective Equipment training course covers everything your workers need to know about types of equipment, usage against hazards and related protocols.

Our workplace safety programs are compliant with OSHA and industry standards. They are designed to ensure the safety of employees working in a potentially hazardous work environment. 

Contact us today at Basin Safety for more information on our work site and safety training programs and equipment services.

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