Breathing Air Systems

4 ways solid data can help make breathing air systems management easier

Proper management of your breathing air systems is paramount to ensuring the safety of your staff and the efficacy of your operation. The presence of contaminants in your supply, equipment malfunctions and improper operation practices can all pose a risk to the safety of your breathing air systems.

Since the Clean Air Act of 1970, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has had a set of air quality guidelines in place to protect workers. Proper maintenance of your breathing air systems will keep them up to these standards. But, without access to the proper data, it can be hard to determine if your breathing air systems are within regulation.

What data is essential to breathing air systems management?

There are several ways that access to solid data can help you keep your breathable air systems maintained. Some of the most vital things to consider are:

  1. Keeping inspection logs — Equipment such as tanks, pressure regulators and fill stations should all be inspected regularly. It is important that each inspection is recorded in a log. The log should detail the condition of the equipment, signs of deterioration, and the functionality of all regulators or warning devices.
  2. Monitoring fill levels — Every cylinder needs to be monitored to make sure that they are properly filled with Grade D breathing air, as per regulations. 
  3. Tracking air usage — Keeping track of air usage helps to keep inventory levels up to date. This also helps provide records of recent use in case of equipment damage.
  4. Cost tracking — Keeping an eye on the costs of maintaining your breathable air systems will help you prepare for future costs.

How can Basin Safety’s BaSS system help me maintain my breathing air systems?

Our BaSS system will provide qualified service technicians to inspect, maintain and manage

inventory for your air breathing systems. Unlike other management services, we offer more than just maintenance. Our systems offer quality assurance as well as refilling services, troubleshooting and repairs in the field, and H₂S analysis.

Our maintenance and service reports are available the same day. All the crucial data you need to keep your system maintained is right at your fingertips. Data concerning inspection, fill levels, usage and cost tracking can be accessed by you after being carefully reviewed by our supervisory team.

Contact Basin Safety today for more information about our innovative systems and services.

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