Confined Space Attendant

3 reasons confined space attendants need top-notch training and monitoring

For those working in confined spaces, there are many regulations and rules set in place to keep workers safe and to prevent accidents and injury. One of these regulations, OSHA Standard 1926.1209, calls for the presence of a confined space attendant. A confined space attendant helps ensure the safety of their team. Their duties include remaining outside the confined space and monitoring the entrance. They guard the space against unauthorized entry, warn the rest of the team of any unusual conditions, and are responsible for seeking help in the event of an emergency.

The confined space attendant holds the safety of their team in their hands, so it is important that they are properly trained for any situations that might arise. Confined space work can be dangerous, and highly trained supervisors, attendants and other personnel are a must.

What does a confined space attendant need to be prepared for?

There are many risks to confined space work, making it very important that all rules and regulations are followed. A confined space attendant should be prepared with top-notch training and monitoring to be able to keep their team space safeguarded. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Preventing unauthorized entry — For certain environments, workers need to be properly trained and certified before they can be cleared to work in the space. Workers who are not properly trained can cause injury to themselves and others. A confined space attendant must be trained to check that anyone entering the space has both the permission and the qualifications to do so.
  2. Checking for changes in the environment — In a confined space, environmental changes can occur quickly and without warning. The attendant should be trained to recognize dangerous situations as they arise by monitoring equipment and testing for changes in the environment.
  3. Initiating emergency procedures — In the event of an accident, the attendant must be familiar with emergency procedures. An untrained attendant may not know who to call or what to do in an emergency, which could result in injury and death.

Where can I turn for trained confined space personnel?

Our team at Basin Safety is ready and equipped to help with your confined space oversight needs. Our personnel are experts at helping you with risk management and rescue planning.

We ensure that all protocol is followed at your work site, and that all personnel are prepared before entering the space. Our personnel can act in both an oversight or attendant capacity, and are ready to make sure that your company’s safety standards are met and exceeded.

Our mission is to help you achieve your workplace safety goals. Contact us today to learn more about our field services, equipment services and training. 

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