Confined Space Rescue Equipment

3 items of confined space rescue equipment oilfield workers need access to

Workers in confined spaces face challenges every day that many other workers do not. Confined spaces are not designed for continuous occupancy and have limited means of entering and exiting. Workers can also be exposed to environmental hazards in these spaces. The oil industry often requires workers to enter and work in confined spaces.

In the event of an emergency, workers in oilfields and other confined spaces need to be able to exit the confined space quickly. If they can’t, it’s imperative that their fellow workers have access to proper rescue equipment to help prevent the injury or death of the confined spaces worker. Trained rescue personnel are also a necessary part of any confined space work team, whether an accident has occurred or not.

What types of rescue equipment do confined space workers need access to?

Rescue equipment for confined spaces needs to include non-entry retrieval equipment. This allows for rescue teams to reach workers in confined spaces without having to enter confined spaces themselves. The reason this is needed is so that rescue workers do not become injury victims themselves. It also prevents the confined space entry area from becoming hazardous. 

Some of the most common rescue equipment needed for confined space rescue include:

  1. Rescue harnesses and lines — Rescue harnesses are one of the most commonly used safety and rescue devices in confined workspaces. A rescue harness should be attached to a retractable line or lanyard that will allow the worker to be rapidly lifted out of a confined space.
  2. Mechanical retrieval devices — These are devices meant to be used alongside rescue harnesses and lanyards. They are meant to assist in lifting an injured worker out of a confined space.
  3. Self-contained breathing apparatuses — Workers may become stuck in areas without breathable air. Self-contained breathing apparatuses, or SCUBA equipment, need to be available in the event that a worker needs access to breathable air. SCUBA equipment is crucial for working in confined spaces that are near water or where hazardous gas may be present.

Where can I turn for trusted rescue equipment and personnel for a confined workspace?

Basin Safety is equipped to provide your work site with tested and trusted work safety equipment. We also provide training courses for confined space workers. This includes confined space attendants and rescue workers. Our Confined Space Rescue course covers operations that involve the rescue and recovery of victims trapped in a confined space.

Our workplace safety programs are compliant with OSHA standards and industry standards. They are designed to ensure the safety of employees entering a confined space or any other hazardous work environment. 

Contact us today at Basin Safety for more information on our work site and safety programs and equipment services.

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