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Your company may not need a full-time Health and Safety employee. In many applications, a part-time and experienced safety professional can accomplish all of your safety goals on a contract basis. We invest adequate time and attention to your needs, while assigning you safety personnel who are trained and experienced in issues related to OSHA recordkeeping, training, and hazard elimination. These individuals can also assist your existing HS&E personnel by establishing goals, direction, and cultural development. Give us a call to start on your custom built safety program today.

Silo Side View SmallProject oversight can be a huge undertaking, and being knowledgeable about safety and health risks and liabilities during technical operations takes professional attention. Basin Safety ensures all company and government standards are withheld and understood by employee’s and contract personnel.We provide individuals on a daily, weekly, or 24 hour basis for as long as necessary to ensure your project is done safely and efficiently.

Basin Safety offers over 100 Safety Courses, customizable to your industry and company profile. We pride ourselves in being able to connect with our students, and ensure the companies they work for are in 100% OSHA, EPA, API, and GHS compliance.


Safety is a process. Compliance is a necessary component of a safety program that will stand the test of time. Basin stays ahead of the compliance curve by investigating industry best practices and requirements to ensure that our clients are always ahead of the curve. Maintaining this stride of excellence is vital for any company who wishes to focus on their business model and allow their safety program and culture to be self-sufficient and have it’s own life that grows alongside their operations. Let us help you be the best by knowing the facts, being informed, and staying ahead.

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We now offer safety products online for delivery, or for pick-up in Williston, North Dakota. Please click the link to see our items and order!