What Is Hazcom

What is Hazcom and why is it vital to your workers?

Hazcom is a shorthand term for the Hazard Communication Program. This is a program implemented by OSHA over the years to help improve workplace safety. The goal of Hazcom is to protect people from injuries or illnesses associated with hazardous materials. This is achieved through safety data sheets, clear labels and thorough employee training.

Workers across many industries have benefited from the Hazcom program. After all, workers have the right to know the hazards of the chemicals they are exposed to at work. Exposure to harmful substances in the workplace was the cause of over 400,000 injuries and illness in the year 2020, according to the National Safety Council. Over 600 of these instances resulted in the death of a worker. Many injuries and illnesses can be avoided through proper Hazcom training in the workplace.

What does workplace Hazcom training include?

  1. Hazard identification — Safety data sheets and labels are an important part of the training program. Workers need to be able to easily identify hazardous substances as well as understand recommended uses.
  2. First-aid measures — In case of accidental exposure, workers should be trained to initiate first-aid and other care measures until first responders arrive. 
  3. Firefighting measures — Many hazardous substances in the workplace can be flammable. Normal fire extinguisher safety measures need to be learned, as well as addressing additional fire dangers posed by hazardous chemicals.
  4. Handling and storage — All workers should be familiar with safe handling practices. They should also be able to safely store hazardous materials. This should include knowing which chemicals should not be stored near one another. Proper hygiene practices and temperature conditions are also a part of this training.
  5. Personal protection — Knowledge of personal protective equipment is essential to workplace safety. Workers need to be trained on the use of hand and body coverings, masks, eye protection, and other forms of protective gear.

Where can I turn for health and safety training for my workplace?

Basin Safety’s Hazcom training program is just one of the many workplace health and safety programs that we offer. Our team works one-on-one with your personnel, making sure that they are adequately prepared for work in the field. Workers in our Hazcom program are trained in recognizing safety data labeling, as well as how to respond to spills, first aid, and incidents requiring fire suppression.

Contact Basin Safety today for more information on our workplace training, equipment and field services, and consulting services.

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