Confined Space Entry Permit

What information should be included in a confined space entry permit?.

Confined spaces are dangerous. Compared to other work environments, confined spaces are more likely to cause severe accidents. Because these hazards exist, it is vital to have a confined space entry permit to enter these spaces.

The confined space entry permit is a document that must be created before workers enter a confined space. It contains vital information like the number of employees allowed to enter the confined space and details of how they are supposed to do so.

What should be included in the confined space entry permit?

According to the specifics laid out by OSHA, employers should make sure that the permit content aligns with the standards for all confined space entry permits. Here are the governing rules of what must be included:

  • The name of the permit space to be entered.
  • The reason for the entry.
  • The entry permit’s end date and authorized duration.
  • An authorized entrant list, such as a roster or tracking system, as well as how the entrants are tracked within the permit space.
  • The names of staff members serving as attendants.
  • The name of the entry supervisor, along with the supervisor’s signature.
  • The specific hazards of entering the permit space.
  • Hazard-control measures taken before entry into the permit space, including locking out the equipment and tagging it; and purging, “inerting,” ventilating, and flushing the permit space.
  • What makes up acceptable entry conditions.
  • The dates of the initial and periodic tests and the testers’ names.
  • An overview of the rescue and emergency services that can be summoned and the methods (e.g., equipment and phone number) to call for them.
  • The procedures for maintaining contact between authorized entrants and attendants during entry.
  • A list of communications equipment, personal protective equipment, and testing equipment, as well as alarm systems, rescue equipment, and any other equipment necessary for compliance.
  • Information necessary to ensure employee safety given the circumstances of the particular confined space; any other permits, such as hot work permits, that are required to work in the permit space.

Is your team ready for permit-required confined spaces?

Basin Safety is here to ensure that your employees can perform entry, attend or supervise confined entry when a permit is required. We help to ensure that employees are appropriately trained and understand OSHA permit-required confined space standards. This understanding can, in turn, help them protect themselves from the hazards of confined spaces and perform their duties safely.

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