Confined Space Entry Supervisor

What do confined space entry supervisors for construction sites need to know?

A confined space is a space that is just large enough for a worker to enter through and perform a designated job duty. The entry and exit is often small or difficult to navigate through, but just big enough for a worker to occupy for a limited amount of time. Confined spaces might include sewers, manholes, tanks, crawl spaces, attics, ducts and incinerators.

Approximately 92 people die in confined space-related accidents at the workplace each year, according to one study. A confined space entry supervisor (CSES) is responsible for deciding if the entry space is suitable for entry, authorizing entry into the space, and discontinuing entry if deemed necessary. The complete list of CSES job duties are listed in the OSHA guidelines.

What are some of the duties that every confined space entry supervisor needs to know how to perform?

  • Understand the hazards of space — This includes knowing information on the mode of exposure, signs or symptoms, and consequences.
  • Plan for emergencies and specify entry conditions — This includes having knowledge of necessary permits, tests, procedures and equipment before allowing entry.
  • Discontinue entry and permits — This is necessary when entry operations are completed or if a new condition exists.
  • Ensure that rescue or emergency services are available — In addition, it is important that the means for summoning them are operable and that employers will be notified as soon as services become unavailable.
  • Remove unauthorized entrants — In the case that an unauthorized person attempts to gain entry, take the necessary measures to remove that person.
  • Ensure acceptable conditions — Make sure that entry operations remain consistent with the entry permit and that acceptable entry conditions are maintained.

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