Confined Space Rescue

Explore 4 reasons your work site needs a well-trained confined space rescue team

Working within confined spaces is often necessary. Maintenance tunnels and other confined spaces are not designed for workers to be inside them for long. But these places sometimes need to be maintained or repaired. Working in these areas can be very dangerous and should only be attempted by trained personnel. Workers who have undergone confined space training are equipped for the hazards of confined spaces.

Unfortunately, accidents and injuries can still happen. Over 100 workers each year die as a result of fatal injury while working in confined spaces, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s why it is vitally important that well-trained confined space rescue teams are on standby at all times.

What can a confined space rescue team do to make my work site safe?

A confined space rescue team should be well equipped to aid workers in case of an emergency, which helps ensure worker safety and prevent deaths. Here are four ways that a well-trained confined space rescue team can make your work site safer:

  1. Conducting rescue drills — Performing rescue drills will help workers familiarize themselves with some of the situations they may face while working in confined space. It also provides your rescue team with the chance to prepare for an emergency.
  2. Surveying confined spaces for hazards — Every work site is different. An in-depth knowledge of the unique hazards of a confined space will help rescue teams adjust their rescue procedures and strategies to suit the work site. This will help rescue teams work more quickly, which can save lives.
  3. Working with first responders — It’s important to know which first responders are needed in the event of an emergency, and how to contact them. Some first responders may not arrive quickly to remote work sites, so rescue teams should be able to act quickly until help arrives. Joint rescue drills with first responders are another great way to make sure your team is prepared.
  4. Utilizing personal protective equipment — Knowledge of personal protective equipment as well as rescue equipment is a must for any rescue team. Getting the right equipment into the hands of injured or trapped workers can be vital in saving lives.

How can I prepare my confined space rescue team for an emergency?

Basin Safety is your trusted partner in workplace safety training. Our confined space rescue training prepares your team for the hazards of a confined space rescue. Nearly two-thirds of all deaths occurring in a confined workspace are the result of an attempt to rescue someone else, which makes proper training of rescue personnel all the more urgent. 

Can’t field a rescue team from within your company for some reason? That’s OK. Basin can provide your work site with dedicated and highly trained confined space supervisors and rescue teams

Contact Basin Safety today for more information on our confined space rescue services, as well as our dozens of other workplace safety training and field services courses. All our training courses are compliant with OSHA regulations, and we work within a variety of industries.

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