Confined space attendant

9 standards OSHA has set for a confined space attendant

A confined space attendant (CSA) is an employee who stays outside of the entrance to a confined space. They keep watch over the employee working within the confined space. The role of CSAs is critical in heavy industries, but they often go unnoticed. They ensure that no unauthorized persons enter the space, tell entrants if any dangerous conditions are present, and even provide rescue services. Keep reading below to learn about some of the standards that OSHA holds to every CSA.

9 standards that OSHA expects every confined space attendant to meet

  1. Attendant is aware of the hazards that may be present during entry. These include information related to exposure; modes, symptoms, and effects.
  2. Attendant remains alert to possible behavioral effects of entrants that could be the result of exposure to a hazard.
  3. Attendant must keep an updated count of entrants in a confined space at all times.
  4. Attendant must stay outside of the confined space for the entirety of an operation or until work responsibilities are taken over by another attendant.
  5. Attendant must communicate with entrants to ensure that entrants are unaffected by hazards and aware if they must vacate a permit area.
  6. Attendant evaluates conditions in and around the confined space and decides if it is safe for entry or continued operation. If the space is not safe for continued operation, the attendant must order the evacuation of the space. Some of the conditions that are deemed unsafe include: behavior effects from a hazard, a dangerous situation outside of the entry, or an attendant being unable to perform their job duties.
  7. Attendant calls for rescue services immediately in the event that an entrant needs medical assistance or assistance escaping hazardous conditions in a confined space.
  8. Attendant wards off unauthorized persons from entry while operations are underway. They must also inform entrants and entry supervisors of unauthorized persons in the permit area.
  9. Attendant performs rescues as necessary. They must not fail to perform job duties during operation.

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