Environmental Compliance Training

4 types of environmental compliance training oil and gas industry employees should take

While oil and natural gas make our lives easier in many ways, the oil and gas industries have the potential to be harmful to the environment. That is why there are strict rules in place to help reduce the environmental impact of oil and gas production. These regulations protect not only our air, soil and water, but are also designed to protect our communities from the effects of pollution.

Keeping your company compliant with environmental regulations helps to keep your employees safe while working. It also helps you to avoid unwanted fees, as well as improve your company image. That is why providing your employees with environmental compliance training is vital to your success. 

What kinds of environmental compliance training do my employees need?

Employees working in the oil and gas industries require thorough training to help prevent environmental damage as well as accidental injury. While each work site is unique, there are some forms of training that all employees should receive before going to work in the field.

  1. Spill prevention and cleanup — The EPA requires that all oil facilities have a plan in place to prevent oil spills, which can be devastating to the environment and human health. This plan also includes what to do in the event of a spill. All workers should be educated on what they can do to prevent and contain spills.
  2. Hazardous waste training — Workers in the oil and gas industry often handle waste products that result from refining these resources. The proper handling, storage and disposal of these materials is vital to ensuring environmental compliance.
  3. Day-to-day operations — While emergency preparedness is important, workers need to stay compliant during the day-to-day operations of the workspace. Operations need to be carried out in a safe, efficient and environmentally sound manner that keeps your company compliant with environmental regulations.
  4. Oilfield safety — Many accidents that are damaging to the environment and to workers can be prevented by following proper safety measures. Workers need to be trained on the proper use of personal protective equipment, as well as safe procedures during equipment operation and construction.

Can Basin Safety help me with environmental compliance training?

Basin Safety can help keep your operation compliant through our comprehensive training programs that are compliant with OSHA and other federal regulations. Our workplace training programs are designed to satisfy all necessary regulations, as well as preparing your employees for on-site dangers. Our training programs include:

  • General oilfield safety.
  • Personal protective equipment.
  • Spill response training.
  • Environmental officer training.
  • Hazmat and waste hauler training.

Contact Basin Safety today to learn more about the many training programs we offer or to learn more about our field and consultation services.

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