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4 features your lone worker solutions app should provide

Technology is an invaluable tool for keeping your workplace safe. Lone workers in particular can benefit greatly from the use of digital applications designed to help them on the job. Combined with on-site supervision, monitoring, and safety evaluations, lone worker solutions apps can mitigate many of the risks of working alone. 

A good lone worker solutions app should keep your lone workers connected to their supervisors, their team, and anyone they may need to reach out to in case of an emergency. Investing in an app not only provides you peace of mind, but also lets your lone workers know that their safety is your first priority.

What features should my lone worker services app provide?

There are many lone worker solutions apps on the market today. While it may seem difficult to choose, there are some features that you shouldn’t go without. These features are: 

  1. Scheduled check-ins — If your lone worker misses a check-in, your app should be able to alert you. Communication between you and your lone worker is important to keeping them safe.
  2. Emergency alerts — If your lone worker finds themselves in a dangerous situation, they should be able to call for help at the press of a button. This will alert the emergency contact of your choice, so that they can come to your worker’s aid immediately.
  3. Fall detection — Some apps are programmed to detect if your lone worker falls. They can detect small falls, such as falling out of a chair, or big falls of 4 feet or higher. 
  4. Monitored tasks — You may assign a series of tasks to your lone worker that must be completed without supervision. Your lone worker should be able to mark off these tasks as they are completed. This helps you to know not only where your worker is, but also if they have taken too long to complete a task, which may be a sign that they need help.

What is the best way to make sure my lone workers are safe on the job?

A lone worker solutions app is a great step toward ensuring the safety of your workers. However, the most important step in worker safety is educating them on proper health and safety regulations. 

At Basin Safety, we offer health and safety programs that are compliant with OSHA and other industrial standards. Our programs cover a number of workplace safety concerns, including:

  • Fall protection.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Scaffold safety.
  • Emergency response plans.
  • Respiratory protection.

Contact us today at Basin Safety to learn more about our workplace health and safety programs, as well as consultation services and other services to help meet your workplace safety goals.

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