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3 environmental compliance issues a lack of corrosion inspections can precipitate

Environmental compliance is imperative in any industry. Failure to follow the regulations, codes, and laws put in place to protect the environment can have disastrous and costly outcomes. Compliance can be tricky to deal with, considering that it can vary according to city, county, state and several other factors. For instance, it can be difficult to perform regular corrosion inspections, and this failing can easily lead to costly issues. 

Why is corrosion monitoring important?

Corrosion monitoring is necessary to keep up with environmental compliance laws and codes. Implementing corrosion mitigation strategies can often prevent a variety of environmental disasters. Below are some additional reasons to keep consistently monitoring for corrosion.

  • To avoid increased costs due to environmental damages, ineffective equipment and noncompliance fines.
  • For increased safety of workers and nearby residents.

What are some examples of environmental issues from a lack of corrosion inspections?

  • Boilers/pressure containers corroding — Failing to check for corrosion can cause the breakdown of large boilers and other pressurized containers. This type of breakdown can cause leakages into the surrounding environment.
  • Explosions — Corrosion on pipelines can cause damage to other nearby pipelines with flammable material inside. This can then cause explosions that endanger the lives of people and damage the environment. 

Pipeline ruptures — In the oil drilling industry, pipeline ruptures can lead to massive oil spills. These oil spills seep into the environment and cause considerable harm to thousands of organisms.

How can you ensure environmental compliance?

  • Assess your property or facility before buying.
  • Create a compliance plan.

Basin Safety offers services that can help boost your environmental compliance

Basin Safety offers a variety of services that can help you maintain environmental compliance on your worksite or at your facilities. Some of these services include site inspections, site testing and even cleanup operations. We’re committed to helping companies build a list of their own safety goals and helping them achieve those goals. We also believe in the power of safety metrics, providing adaptive training, promoting safety culture and supporting our customers’ vision.

Our services could be the perfect fit for your business, if you’re looking for professional assistance in mitigating risk of injury and liability, addressing employee safety and more.

Contact us today to speak with one of our consultants about how we can help keep your employees safe and their workplaces environmentally compliant.

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